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Infecting The City is presented by the Africa Centre.

The propaganda is that we don’t have the authority to freely express ourselves. Our voice requires permission from someone or something that does. It is our teacher, principal, boss, or the government official who allows us to dance, sing, paint, photograph, write or simply speak. They tell us when we have been selected, picked, or chosen and only then do we stand up.

This of course is a myth, but one we all participate in progressing every time we suppress ourselves and avoid the opportunity to tell our story. Infecting The City, at its core, is intended to disrupt the absurdity that we need permission from anyone to expose our humanity. Our intentions with this Festival are to bring curiosity, wonder, beauty, empathy, pain, and new ideas out into the streets for everyone to engage with. To demonstrate that we all have the right to speak and be heard. With great vulnerability and respect, over 300 artists will step into the void of Cape Town’s public space this year and attempt for one week to transform it into a more complex, dynamic, interesting and welcoming place.

After 20 years of freedom, join us in this liberation.

Tanner Methvin – Executive Director: Africa Centre