Emerging Classics

South African College of Music
Venue: On route
Date: 14 & 15 MARCH
Time: 14:10 (14 MARCH) & 12:10 (15 MARCH)

How does Classical music integrate with an urban context?


Emerging Classics explores the apparent distance between Classical music and the average city dweller.  A stream of live music meanders through a public space, merging with the sounds of the City. As listeners move to and fro, choosing their level of engagement with the work, an intimate performance comes in and out of focus.


Performed by: Tatiana Thaele (flute), Eben Meyer (guitar), Courtney Oliver (violin), Amy Crankshaw (French horn) and Jo Lanre Kunujji (Trumpet); co-ordinated by: Coila-Leah Enderstein


Presented with the Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts

Emerging Classics