Swiss dance ensemble DA MOTUS! (da!=give, offer! / motus=movement) was founded in 1987 by Antonio Bühler and Brigitte Meuwly. Since then, the Company has performed at international festivals and cultural events in more than 200 cities and 42 countries.


Bühler and Meuwly were initiated into choreography in the early 1980s through the improvisations and compositions taught by Alwin Nikolaïs and Simone Forti, and through various body-release techniques. Their instinctive and sensitive approach to movement and gesture has become the hallmark of their ensemble.


With its unique gestural vocabulary, the Company’s work is situated on the peripheries of dance art. The plasticity of plant life, the vibrant and breathing quality of animals’ movement and the subtle and sensitive exchange of human relations inspire the choreography, always created in collaboration with the dancers.

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