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There are many adjectives that describe Christian Nerf’s practice and each does so accurately: maverick, agitprop, mythic, absurdist, astute, formal, conceptual, secular, profane, playful, serious. That these adjectives appear to contradict each other is a good thing: binaries shut down and confine, and Nerf’s practice is characterised by a radical multivalency that extends through concept and material.


Coming of age at the apex of Apartheid’s darkest moments, Nerf attempted formal tertiary education but ultimately chose the freedom of a practice-led education before the phrase became fashionable. At this mercurial political moment, the streets became both studio and gallery, shaping a practice in which long-term projects that rely on nurturing relationships with artists and non-artists alike, develop alongside a form of visual thinking that produces rather iconic formal objects, including prints, sculptures and drawings.

- Kathryn Smith


Christian Nerf
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