> Asanda Kaka and Valentina Argirò

Capetonian Asanda Kaka’s career encompasses both writing and photography. She has contributed to a number of local and international magazines and blogs such as Africa Is A Country, The Corner Magazine (Germany), Live Magazine S.A, and MakeShift Magazine (Canada). Largely self-trained in photography, she is also a founder of Sthombe Esihle, a collective of black photographers aiming to redirect the narrative of black photography in South Africa, and “Save The Black Pussy”, an on-going art project highlighting the perpetuation of gender-based violence.


Valentina Argirò was born in Venaria, Italy, and holds degrees from the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna and the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan. Her artistic practice is based on the analysis of how our bodies, and our perceptions of them, are separated from the natural world. In order to highlight how individual defects are important as signs of our own life paths, she creates monster dolls and masks with handsewn fabrics and drawings. She considers art to be an educational tool with which she can encourage people to take a more critical view of society, and helps promote this within her own practice by running workshops for participants of all ages. 

Asanda Kaka and Valentina Argirò
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