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Anandam Dancetheatre celebrates the multifaceted world of contemporary performance by creating collaborative works within cross-genre (circus, theatre, site specific) and poly-cultural (European, Indian) perspectives. Animating the intersections between traditional and contemporary practices, Anandam brings artists and audiences together through highly physical, invigorating and unconventional programming – including interactive educational programmes and interdisciplinary, site-specific, and public participatory productions in non-traditional settings.


Artistic Director of Anandam Dancetheatre, Brandy Leary creates contemporary performances through dance-based entry points. Her work has been produced in Canada, Europe, India and the USA in theatres, urban environments, festivals, museums and isolated landscapes. She has lived between Canada and India for the past 15 years training, collaborating and creating in the traditional Indian performing languages of Seraikella and Mayurbhanj Chhau (dance), Kalarippayattu (martial art) and Rope Mallakhamb (aerial rope). In Canada, she works with western approaches to aerial rope work to support site-specific choreographic creations with non-traditional audience/performance relationships that base themselves in ritual and participatory structures.

Anandam Dancetheatre
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