The 6th Infecting The City Public Arts Festival 12-16 March 2013, Cape Town Like facebook for updates Image Map

> Programme

  • Abawon (Stains)
    Opens: Wed 7th | Thurs 8th | Fri 9th | Sat 10th

    Cape Town Station Forecourt, and environs

  • Bodies in Light
    Tues 6th 7.30pm | Wed 7th 8.45pm| Thurs 8th 7.30pm| Fri 9th 7.15pm| Sat 10th 7.45pm


  • Bricolage
    Wed 7th 5pm| Thurs 8th 3.30pm | Fri 9th 5.00pm 

    Slave Church, 40 Long Street

  • Cantico
    Wed 7th 7.40pm| Fri 9th 7.30pm 

    Iziko SA Museum Amphitheatre

  • Cape Tone
    Wed 7th 2pm| Fri 9th 2pm 

    Cape Town Station Concourse

  • Capeofon
    Tues 6th 8.15pm | Thurs 8th 8.00pm

    Tues: St George’s Mall | Thurs: Church Square

  • Celia's Story
    Tues 6th 8.00pm| Wed 7th 9am-5pm| Wed 8th 9am-5pm| Thurs 9th 9am-5pm| Fri 10th 9am-5pm

    Mandele rhodes place gallery

  • Cityscapes
    Tues 6th | Wed 7th | Thurs 8th | Fri 9th | Sat 10th


  • Classics on Church
    Thurs 8th 8.15pm 

    Church Square, spin st

  • Cooking Info in the Streets of Ikapa
    Thurs 8th 1.15pm | Sat 10th 11.45am

    Cnr. Adderley St./Hans Strijdom

  • Death and the Maidens
    Tues 6th 6pm | Thurs 8th 6pm

    Iziko SA Museum Amphitheatre

  • Discussion: Towards a Public Art Policy for a World Design Capital
    Fri 9th 9.00am - 12.30pm

    Hiddingh Hall, Hiddingh campus Orange st

  • Ek Se
    Wed 7th 4.00pm | Thurs 8th 4.15pm | Fri 9th 4.00pm

    Station Forecourt, 113 Loop Street

  • Flash Mob of Note
    Wed 7th 1.45pm| Fri 9th 1.45pm| Sat 10th 10am-11am

    wed and fri: Cape Town Station Concourse| Sat: st george's mall/castle st

  • Ilulwane
    Wed 7th 9.00pm| Fri 9th 8.45pm

    Long Street Baths

  • Invasion
    Wed 7th 1pm | Fri 9th 1pm 

    Golden Acre 

  • Jack and Juli take to the streets
    Thurs 8th 1.30pm | Sat 10th 11.30am

    Lower St George’s Mall

  • Lot
    Fri 9th 6pm| Sat 10th 6.30pm

    Moravian Church, District Six

  • My Dream
    Thurs 8th 2.15pm-3.15pm | Sat 10th 10am-11am

    Cnr. St George’s Mall and Castle Street

  • My Sound Is Too big for This Confined Space
    Wed 7th 4.45pm | Fri 9th 4.45pm

    Long Street (Between Castle and Hout)

  • NTU///
    Wed 7th 6.30pm

    Iziko SA Museum Amphitheatre

  • Orange Book Infected Edition
    Tues 6th 9.15pm | Thurs 8th 9.15pm 

    Groote Kerk Piazza, Church Sq

  • Phylum and Phoenix
    Sat 10th 9pm

    Prestwich Place

  • Serenading the Station
    Sat 10th 12.15pm

    CT Station Forecourt

  • Spaces
    Tues 6th 8pm| Wed 7th 9am| Thurs 8th 9am| Fri 9th 9am| Sat 10th 9am

    Mandela Rhodes Hotel Gallery

  • Stop, Start and Continue
    Thurs 8th 2.15pm-3.15pm | Sat 10th 10.45am 

    St George’s Mall/Castle Street

  • Teka Munyika
    Sat 10th 8.15pm

    Prestwich Place, buitengracht/waterkant

  • The Cape Doctor
    Thurs 8th 1pm | Sat 10th 12pm

    Old Marine Dr, Eduardo Villa sculpture

  • The Diagnosis
    Opens: Tues 6th 8pm | Wed 7th, Thurs 8th, Fri 9th, Sat 10th 9am - 5pm

    Shop 3, Allianz House, cnr Castle St, off St George’s Mall

  • The Rake's Progress
    Tues 6th 6.50pm | Thurs 8th 6.50pm 

    Starts at Rose Garden, Company’s Garden 

  • The Sacrifice
    Thurs 8th 1.45pm | Sat 10th 11am

    Thurs St George’s Mall / Strand Street| Sat St.George's/ riebeek st

  • Uvuko! Resurrection
    Wed 7th 3.15pm | Fri 9th 3.15pm

    Cape Town Station Forecourt

  • We All Matter
    Wed 7th 3pm | Fri 9th 3pm

    Station Concourse 

Public Arts Festival

6th - 10th March 2012

presented by The Africa Centre

Public art has always been part of who we are on this continent and in this country. The interconnectedness of the African “us” has often been impeded however, throwing people apart and far away from each other, creating a physical and psychic separation. Infecting the City is a small attempt at igniting this interconnectedness through artistic expression, making public space public.

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