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Vincent Mantsoe


South Africa


Vincent MantsoeVincent Mantsoe hails from Soweto, South Africa. During his formative years he danced with youth clubs practicing street dances and trying to imitate the dance moves seen in music videos, Michael Jackson and FAME. At the same time he woke everyday to the sound of the drum his mother played to greet the Ancestors. 

A descendant of a long line of Sangomas (traditional healers) Mantsoe participated in traditional rituals involving the use of song and dance. It was not until he began his training at Johannesburg's Moving Into Dance Company, under the direction and mentor of Sylvia Glasser. Mantsoe was able to study and merge the two distinct dance forms in the early and mid 90`s, he then had the opportunity to study other techniques and created what is known or what is describes today as Afro-fusion. However, Mantsoe's work draws on traditional African dance forms with a contemporary approach from modern, ballet and Asian forms such as Tai Chi, Martial Art and other traditional dances he learned during his travels and truly believe that he does not want to classify or give it a name as it goes beyond `African Contemporary` or Afro-Fusion. 
In 2005 Mantsoe created his first company (Association Noa Cie-Vincent Mantsoe) based in France, and works with dancers from different cultural background. In 2010 and 2011, Mr. Mantsoe has been part of CROSSING 1&2 as a Facilitator. Inititead by Michel Kelemenis and supported by the French Institut of South Africa, in collaboration with the Dance Corner (Moving Into Dance, Dance Space, Vuyani Dance Theatre and Dance Factory).   


Public Arts Festival

6th - 10th March 2012

presented by The Africa Centre

Public art has always been part of who we are on this continent and in this country. The interconnectedness of the African “us” has often been impeded however, throwing people apart and far away from each other, creating a physical and psychic separation. Infecting the City is a small attempt at igniting this interconnectedness through artistic expression, making public space public.

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