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Ruth Levin-Vorster


South Africa


Ruth Levin-VorsterAn inter-disciplinary theatre director, choreographer, writer, teacher and film-maker, Ruth was awarded a GIPCA fellowship in 2011. She has an MA in Theatre & Performance from UCT. Her career began in London where she worked at the Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal National Theatre and Gate Theatre and was mentored by the renowned director Peter Brook and the poet Adrian Mitchell. She returned to her home in Cape Town in 2002. The common thread through all these disciplines is working with the body as her starting point and the route into the psyche of character, performer, dancer or story. Ruth was part of the Infecting The City 2008 collaboration Waking Time.

Public Arts Festival

6th - 10th March 2012

presented by The Africa Centre

Public art has always been part of who we are on this continent and in this country. The interconnectedness of the African “us” has often been impeded however, throwing people apart and far away from each other, creating a physical and psychic separation. Infecting the City is a small attempt at igniting this interconnectedness through artistic expression, making public space public.

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