Infecting the City 2012
The Festival

Infecting The City turned Cape Town upside down!

For the fourth year in a row  Cape Town’s plazas and squares became theatres, the pavements turned into art galleries, and in 2011, even a rubbish truck was a stage! There was no avoiding the art in the City…

If you’ve thought ‘Art’ has a capital ‘A’, and is not for you, think again. The 2011 Infecting The City theme, ‘Treasure’, was about making art something that everyone can relate to. Festival-goers found ritual piercing, B-Boying, sari-wrapping, ballet, stick-fighting, and even drummies in the mix with opera, sculpture and performance art.

The big new square in front of the Cape Town Station – the ‘Station Forecourt’ – served as the Festival Hub, where much of the action took place. If you caught a train to work you would have found various bands playing there first thing in the morning, and again on your way home. There were also visual and performance artists working there all day.

Although the Station was the Hub, the entire Central Business District was full of Infecting The City events throughout the Festival week. The Festival Map shows you how these performances, tours and other artistic interventions were spread across the City. The Festival was all free and was enjoyed by all Capetonians and visitors.

The artworks on the Festival were divided into four exciting sections:

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Brett Bailey,
Curator, Infecting the City Festival 2008-2011

The Festival Hub venue was sponsored by PRASA Cres.