Infecting the City 2012
The Jewels - Sangomas

Xhosa traditional healers from Langa perform stirring ceremonial dance and song in their dazzling sacred attire


Fiona du Plooy


Jewel Route 3: Wed 23 at 11h00 and 13h10
Sat 26 at 10h00 and 12h00


Jewel Route 3 begins on St. Georges Mall, between Castle St and Shortmarket St

Sangomas (traditional healers) perform their dances for initiations and celebrations and to maintain contact with their ancestors. They’re the powerful guardians of the relationship between the living and the departed.

Fiona has been working in Langa with six women and a male drummer. The driving footwork or gentle shuffling of the dancers is brought to life by drums and by the sacred songs they sing. The fragrant herb impepho summons spiritual energies as they dance in their striking white regalia.

Fiona du Plooy

Fiona du Plooy

Fiona is a choreographer whose evocative visual style, comprehensive movement vocabulary and knowledge of ballet and contemporary dance have been seen in work created for theatre and television. As well as conceptualising her own work, she has an intuitive ability to respond to the artistic vision of others in a range of disciplines and media. Fiona has an ability to express comic timing and irony in movement, delighting audiences with her choreo read more...