Infecting the City 2012
The Jewels - Rieldans

The traditional dance of Cape farm labourers, enjoying a renaissance, performed by a Clanwilliam troupe


Peter Hayes


Jewel Route 3: Wed 23 at 11h00 and 13h10

Sat 26 at 10h00 and 12h00


Jewel Route 3 begins on St. Georges Mall, between Castle St and Shortmarket St

Rieldans is one of the oldest dancing styles in South Africa that can be traced back to the Khoi San of the Cape. Also known as ikhapara by the Nama, it’s danced at an energetic pace, and demands fancy footwork. Often performed in a circle, the dance is about wooing and lovemaking, and takes some of its moves from animal courtship rituals, particularly the ostrich.

Peter attended Die Vyfde Nationale Rieldans Kompetisie in December to choose a dance group to showcase this resurgent art form at Infecting The City. ‘Die Betjies van Betjiesfontein gaan die stof laat waai!’ he says.

Peter Hayes

Peter Hayes

Peter is the Artistic Director for Hearts & Eyes Theatre Collective. In this capacity he works either as producer, director or actor on the various projects of the company. As an actor he made his mark in Get Hard, which remains one of the most radical gay plays in South Africa.  He performed in The Tricky Part and his new solo performance piece, I Am Here, was premiered at the National Arts Festival at Arena, Grahamstown on 25 June 2010 read more...