Infecting the City 2012
The Jewels - Opera

The soaring vocals of Cape Town Opera divas, with an African twist


Fiona du Plooy


Jewel Route 1: Mon 21 at 11h00 and 13h10
Thurs 24 at 11h00 and 1310


Jewel Route 1 begins at the Grand Parade market

The soaring melodies and dramatic notes of Opera are usually associated with Italy and Germany. But this spectacular musical art form, mastered by Bach, Verdi and Puccini, is alive and thriving in Cape Town.

Artistic director of Cape Town Opera Christine Crouse says, ‘It’s wonderful to have an opportunity to take opera onto the streets and to show everyone what we’re doing.’

Divas Madeleine Minnaar and Philisa Sibeko will perform duets from both European and local operas on their Jewel Box, sending their powerful voices across the City’s spaces.

Fiona du Plooy is working with Cape Town Opera on their ensemble for the Jewel Stages. “This is about celebrating our different roots, beliefs, and expressions,’ says Fiona. ‘The exposure to something out of the ordinary is an unexpected gift.’

Fiona du Plooy

Fiona du Plooy

Fiona is a choreographer whose evocative visual style, comprehensive movement vocabulary and knowledge of ballet and contemporary dance have been seen in work created for theatre and television. As well as conceptualising her own work, she has an intuitive ability to respond to the artistic vision of others in a range of disciplines and media. Fiona has an ability to express comic timing and irony in movement, delighting audiences with her choreo read more...