Infecting the City 2012
The Jewels - Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

The subtle, beautiful ritual of coffee roasting, grinding and percolation practiced by Ethiopian women.


Natalie Fisher


Jewel Route 1: Mon 21 at 11h00 and 1310
Jewel Route 2:  Fri 25 at 11h00 and 13h10


Jewel Route 1 begins in the Grand Parade market
Jewel Route 2 begins in the Golden Acre Foyer

Coffee is now drunk all over the globe, but in some cultures, brewing the coffee is an art form that embraces all the senses and beautifully anticipates the taste sensation, and social interaction to come.

For Ethiopians, the ceremony of making coffee is a key social art. Aroma is still central to the Ethiopian coffee ritual. Sweet frankincense is burned, fresh flowers and fragrant lemongrass displayed, and beans are prepared on a small charcoal stove by young women.

Pace is very important. ‘When you’re invited for coffee, you know it’s going to take time,’ says coffee mistress Sunait Mekonnen, director and owner of Addis In Cape restaurant. The three-round coffee ritual is designed to give the gathered guests and hosts time together, and encourages communal sharing.

Natalie Fisher

Natalie Fisher

With a teaching degree in dance, Natalie began her training in ballet and then branched out into contemporary and other styles of dance. Natalie started her training in classical ballet and at 12 she branched out into contemporary and other styles of dance, while completing all her RAD ballet exams. She obtained her teaching degrees in dance, whilst performing in the then newly emerging industrial theatre and TV specials. Natalie joined Perfor read more...