Infecting the City 2012
City Treasurers - Treasure Hunt

Find the clues through a City of imagination and performance

Created by:

Myer Taub


The sundial on the Festival Hub


Mon 21 – Fri 25 at noon daily

When Mrs. Abdul Malick lost an apparently magical ring in the Platteklip Gorge in the eighteenth century, her loss became our gain.

The legend of the washer woman’s missing jewellery has launched a trail of discovery through the City at the hands of cultural cartographer Myer Taub.

Myer is a professional treasure hunt designer with a WITS Drama doctorate. This is a fancy way of saying he’s intrigued by the unknown and he likes sharing his obsession.  ‘I’m always looking for the puzzles, the clues, the stories. It’s about creating the map.’

True Treasure is not always obvious. ‘Cape Town has become a visitors’ destination – it’s a party city, a beach city; but it’s important to expose Cape Town as a city of imagination and performance.’

The Treasure Hunt commences with the first clue, placed at the sundial on the Festival Hub at noon from Monday to Friday. Thereafter you can follow a series of clues and directions to fascinating sites where a range of Cape Town characters will point you to your next destination.

‘The journey is, itself, a prize,’ says Myer. ‘There’s so much that’s interesting and wonderful about exploring the City’, and seeing Cape Town anew through history and mystery is an invaluable prize in itself. But on top of that there is a batch of prizes to be won.

Ready, Detective?

Prizes include:

  • 2 nights at The Grand Cafe and Rooms, Plettenberg Bay
  • R500 Dinner at The Grand Café, Camps Bay
  • R500 Dinner/Lunch at The Grand Cafe and Beach, Granger Bay
  • 3 x one-off designed rings from Situ Jewelry
  • One night for two at Fire and Ice Cape Town
  • One night for two at Daddy Long Legs
  • One night for two at Dutch Manor Antique Hotel
  • One night for two at 15 on Orange
  • One night for two at Fountain Hotel Treatments at Wembley Spa, Liberis Spa at the Mount Nelson, and  the Pepper Club Spa
  • Assorted gifts and vouchers from shops and restaurants across Cape Town

Myer Taub

Myer Taub

Myer is a post-doctoral student at the Research Centre for Visual Identity and Design, at the University of Cape Town. A ‘multi-disciplinary creative arts practitioner’, Myer has been developing the idea of the treasure hunt as a performance medium. read more...