Infecting the City 2012
City Treasurers - Talking Heads

Making the Future

Curated by:

Robin Jutzen


Wed 23 at 19h30


IZIKO South African National Gallery


120 mins




Felicia on 021 422 0468 or at the Festival Info Desk.

We live in a moment in which the choices we make could impact the world for generations. All around us, in isolated pockets, thinkers and experts are considering, or dreaming about, the future.

For one evening only, you are invited to engage with a live Wikipedia of fascinating African thought leaders and mavericks in the beautiful surrounds of the Iziko South African National Gallery.

48 experts from a wide range of fields, will gather to share reflections and revelations with you. Their brief is to look into the depths of their realms of expertise, and to respond to the topic: ‘Making the Future’.

A bell marks the time and you move from table to table engaging in four intimate 20 minute conversations with a social activist, a nuclear physicist, a poet, a politician … who knows who you will meet and how your views of the future may be shaped?

Book immediately: only 96 tickets are available for this mind-blowing affair. Dress with flair. Wine and tasty snacks will be served.

The Speakers and their Subjects

  • Alexander Ferrein : Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Andrew Borraine : Reclaiming and remaking public life in Cape Town
  • Andy Davis : The limits of free media in South Africa
  • Annah Telela : Intentional Peace: Harmonious Communities
  • Annie Rob : Fear and Loathing in South Africa
  • Arthur Atwell : Every book within walking distance of every home within five years
  • Ashraf Cassiem : Communities and Freedom
  • Bongani Ndodana-Breen: Composer in Conversation
  • Brendon Bussy : Sharing Open Design Resources – The Case for Collective Invention
  • Caron Von Zeil : Lessons from Camissa
  • Crystal Orderson : Somewhere UP There: Reporting, Representations and Reflections from the African continent in the South African media
  • David Sanders : Can National Health Insurance Solve South Africa’s Health Crisis?
  • D’Bi Young : Uncovering the creative process of accountability and responsibility
  • Dora Dias : A Dream, where we are ONE.
  • Emma Harvey : Politics of the Imagination
  • Eric Harper : What do analysis of the TRC, World Cup and sex workers have in common?
  • Frans Smit : Exploring Terroir
  • Gail Freidman : Colour and Life
  • Gita Goven : Cape Town: An African City thriving in Freedom
  • Ian Harris : Robots, Culture and Creativity in the New Economy
  • Irvin Kinnes : Re-producing crime and violence
  • Jan Pool : Superconductivity – A new world
  • Jane Battersby-Leonard : Give us this day our daily bread
  • Jenny Cargill : A 20th Century song: If you are black and BEE, clap your hands …
  • Jerome Thomas : Cairo in Cape Town?
  • Jon Cherry : The Past – making the Future
  • Joshin Raghubar : Creating the good life, the entrepreneurs’ struggle
  • Karen Simpson : Sensory branding – the new marketing frontier
  • Khalo Matabane : How films shape our future
  • Kolade  Arogundade : Giants in the Land
  • Lance Greyling : Constructing an Energy Future that will lead to a Sustainable Planet
  • Leonard Gentle : Who shapes the future?
  • Lucy Campbell : Stories of Slavery and Freedom
  • Marlon Parker : Reconstructing Society through a Social Revolution
  • Martin Evans : The Future of South African humour – downplaying the stereotypes
  • Max Kaizen : Treasure and Making the Future
  • Mazibuko Jara : Challenging our neo-apartheid Cape Town
  • Nic Theo : The psychology of objects
  • Nolan Beudeker : Past, present or future – where are you at?
  • Owen Kinahan : Making sure the past is part of the future – dealing with the issues of place names in the City Of Cape Town
  • Pam Sykes : The healing power of personal stories, and how the future we make depends on the stories we tell about the past
  • Peter Hayes : Safer paths to travel
  • Riason Naidoo : How do we make the Iziko South African National Gallery our national gallery?
  • Ronald Suresh Roberts : Meta-Dialogue: Talking About Talking Heads
  • Sally Gross : We ARE Human: Intersex, Human Rights and Human Diversity
  • Tatjana von Bormann : Does the food you eat cost the Earth?
  • Varkey George : Social Entrepreneurship: a Tidal Wave, Growing into a Tsunami
  • Zeblon Vilakazi : Africa’s position in a vastly changing global science and technology landscape

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