Infecting the City 2012
City Treasurers - Strand

Surprise performances on the Station Forecourt

Created by:

Athina Valha


Mon 21 – Sat 26, as and when it happens

Like her mythological namesake the ancient Greek goddess, Athina is the keeper of a city – in this case, Cape Town.

Imported from the UK, and borrowed from Rhodes University where she’ll teach drama this year, Athina is a site-specific choreographer and ‘visual animator’ who creates movement pieces that respond to their surroundings. Having worked in abattoirs, operating theatres and churches, her dream for this year’s Festival is ‘to reveal the symbolic and historic mysteries of the Station’, and to string together the Festival’s diverse events. The surprise performances are subtle yet unpredictable, involving the Festival’s dancers, actors, volunteers, artists and installations in city spaces.

‘I love collaborating,’ she says. ‘It allows us to facilitate each others’ creativity and broaden our visions.’ Athina has called her performance interventions ‘Strand’ because the Station Forecourt was the original Cape Town beachfront (hence Strand Street), and also because they connect to strands of history.

She may beach mermaids on the Festival Hub or fill the Forecourt’s promenades with fancy dress. You may think, ‘Why didn’t I think of that before?’ or even, ‘Wait, where am I again?’ You are … Infecting The City.

Venue sponsored by PRASA, artist sponsored by Rhodes University Department of Drama

Athina Vahla

Athina Vahla

Athina Vahla is a London-based independent artist and teacher. Originally from Greece, having won the Greek National Choreographic Award, she took up residence in London. Athina was awarded two scholarships to further her dance studies at the Laban School where she received the Bonnie Bird Choreography Award in 1994, before undertaking an MA in interdisciplinary arts at Middlesex University. Since then, Athina has worked extensively as a c read more...