Infecting the City 2012
City Treasurers - The Ministery for THe glorious PreservAtion oF the Kultural TReasures of the Mother City

Catch workers from the Heritage Ministry preserving our Fun-damental Freedoms

Created By:

Nadine Hutton

DG (Director General):

Lesley Perkes


Mon 21 – Fri 26 from 09h00 to 17h00
Sat 26 from 09h00 to 13h00


as and when it happens


On going

Catch Johannesburg-based photographer and conceptual artist, Nadine Hutton, as she moves around the Cape Town CBD preserving Artefacts of National Importance.

Her new Ministry has issued the following release:

The Government of The Republic of The Western Cape is pleased to announce the Establishment and Implementation of a new Ministry for THe glorious PreservAtion oF the Kultural TReasures of the Mother City (MTHAFKR).

Roles & Functions

The MTHAFKR team of ‘Preservation Experts’ will identify and safeguard the Treasures, old and new, of the Mother City for the duration of Infecting The City Festival. They will procure sites, objects and persons deemed to be treasures and will move to preserve these Treasures with the high tech material Polyvinylidene Chloride also known as ‘cling film’, ‘saran’ (not to be confused with the chemical weapon), ‘cling wrap’ or glad wrap’. We have designated the term ‘Glad Wrap’ in all communications regarding the material to ensure a consistent cheerful tone. Domestic uses of this material have been used to preserve foods to keep them Fresher for Longer.

There are in addition Defense aspects to the use of this material as an Airline Theft Preventative. As a major Tourist Destination we must at all costs prevent the loss of our Precious Treasures to Foreigners.

Research conducted by MTHAFKR suggests that the use of Glad Wrap in the Preservation of the Glorious Treasures of the Mother City is sufficient to ‘prevent the permeability of water vapor, flavor and aroma molecules, and oxygen compared to other plastics. The barrier to oxygen prevents spoilage, and the barrier to flavor and aroma molecules helps retain flavor and aroma.’ (Wikipedia)

Nadine Hutton

Nadine Hutton

A Johannesburg-based photojournalist who was chief photographer of the Mail and Guardian for five years, Nadine has moved beyond the constraints of still imagery, and now practices as a visual artist in video installation and performance art. As a photojournalist her interest is directed towards an in-depth documentation of stories that may not necessarily seem newsworthy. Much of Nadine’s work is concerned with social issues, and include read more...