Infecting the City 2012
City Treasurers - Golden Eggs: Sick Hens

A shack is like an embryo of the future, an egg that can grow into anything. A poor family’s own little treasure; a place to call home.

Created by:

Mafuta Ink


Mon 21 – Fri 25 from 09h00 to 17h00; Sat 26 from 09h00 to 13h00


Festival Hub



A ‘visual confrontation’ is what Lisomlozi ‘Mr. Fuzzy Slippers’ Pikoli is intending to achieve by erecting two shacks in the Cape Town CBD (on the Station Forecourt).

The painter and illustrator who, together with architecture student Nolan Oswald, makes up Mafutha Ink, says: ‘We are interested in how middle-class people view shacks as an eye-sore without acknowledging that, as long as we keep underpaying people there will always be shacks.’

The two shacks, titled ‘Egg White’ and ‘Yolk’, will show contrasting realities of shack life.

‘Shacks defy the segregated spatial organisation of urban space,’ say the artists. ‘So we will be infecting the City with that which it relegates to its outskirts. We need shacks like we need cheap labour yet are intent on ignoring the consequences of that need. A kind of ignorance that leaves us angry, uncomfortable, confused and scared! The middle classes live on the strength of the economy but know nothing of their underpaid foundation.’

Aside from these socio-political issues, it is the similarity with street art – their main inspiration – which drew this duo to their subject.

Live painting sessions are scheduled to take place at both shacks during which the artists will ‘dress up like the land evicting red ants employed by the government’.

Visit Mafutha Ink at their installation under the trees alongside Adderley Street on the Station Forecourt and chat to the artists about how they see themselves ‘altering the world in which we travel and making it better.’

Collaborating artist:

Hanno van Zyl

Production Manager:

Themba David Stewart

Build Crew:

Andile’s Bored Company (ABC)

Venue is sponsored by PRASA

Mafuta Ink

Mafuta Ink

Mafuta Ink is an urban art collective consisting of Nolan Dennis (22) and Lisolomzi Pikoli (21) exploring themes of African identity. Their interests lie in the international street art and low brow art movements as well as calligraphy, African art, folk art and new media. Lisolomzi aka Mr Fuzzy Slipperz is an illustrator and painter, specializing in character based illustration. Originally from Pretoria he is currently living in Cape Town. His read more...