Infecting the City 2012
What's on Productions


Every year, infecting the city hosts a forum where cultural thinkers and participating artists get together to discuss their impressions and experiences of the festival.


Tues 22 / Thurs 24 at 17h00


On Broadway Theatre, 44 Long Street


60 mins; no ticket required

What questions about our city and society has the treasure theme raised? What have the various artworks revealed about cape town? What impact does public art have on us? What have the artists had to grapple with, and what have they discovered.

Deepen your insights. Raise a question. Join us in discussion and debate, and meet others who areĀ  interested in public art.

Afterwards, mull it over with lubricated tongues at the Festival watering hole: Boo Radleys, 62 Hout St.

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