Infecting the City 2012
The Art

Curator’s note : Infecting The City 2011

Infecting The City is Africa’s only Public Arts Festival – a Festival that makes art freely available to everybody. We want to turn the public spaces of Cape Town into stimulating, creative places where you can be intrigued, touched and informed by the arts, where you can see your world through different lenses.

In 2011, we celebrated the rich variety of wonderful ‘Treasures’ that are found in the Cape. We placed a long-overdue spotlight on the people, music and performance styles from the many cultures that have made Cape Town their home. We commemorated our monuments, buildings and communal spaces, and our precious natural resources. We drew attention to the workers who keep our City running, and the valuable recyclable materials we throw out as rubbish.

Infecting The City 2011: Treasure said: ‘Look at what we’ve got!’

The Festival’s focus is on performance art. For instance, instead of exhibiting sculptures for you to look at, we present artists that are actually making artworks in public spaces.

At the 2011 Festival, the Jewel Stages gave equal status to an array of rituals, dance pieces, ceremonies and martial arts that are found in Cape Town. The Festival-goers witnessed people from different traditions and communities who performed actions and sounds that they have rehearsed and perfected. Each performance had a deep meaning for the performers.

But was each of these performances really an art form? And can one say exactly why any of them should not be called art?

We live in a country where certain cultural viewpoints have always told us ‘this is more valuable; that is less valuable. This is a real Treasure; that is just junk’ …

If ‘South Africa belongs to all who live in it’, and is to truly be home to so many communities with so many diverse treasures, we need to broaden our minds and embrace everybody’s cultural expressions as our National Treasures.

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