Infecting the City 2012
Infecting the City 2011
Public art. Provoking a response. In your face. Infecting your City.

A project of the Africa Centre, every year in February, Infecting the City emerges from the bricks, flagstones and pavements of the City to challenge Cape Town's idea of art, itself and its streets. This Web site currently documents the 2011 Festival. Keep visiting for news on Infecting the City 2012.

Strand: Re-imagining the Station Concourse. photo: Chris Saunders


Jewel Boxes: Opera giving full voice to our cultural heritage. photo: Chris Saunders

Piper System

Jewel Boxes: The Piper System, Cape Town's first martial art. photo: Chris Saunders

Arts Aweh

Arts Aweh!: Learners viewing the festival as part of Arts Aweh, sponsored by Santam.

strand 2

Strand: Unpacking the history of the Station and Cape Town. photo: Chris Saunders


Music Gems: MacMackenzie's Goema Symphony performed on the Station Forecourt. photo: Chris Saunders

Strand 3

Strand: Scoping out the cityscape. photo: Chris Saunders

Strand 4

Strand: Taking public arts to new heights. photo: Chris Saunders

Number 1

The Number One Unexpected Undercover Cleaning Agency. photo: Chris Saunders


Jewel Boxes: Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony being enacted on the Jewel Route. photo: Chris Saunders

    Infecting the City