Infecting the City 2012
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Brendhan Dickerson

Brendhan Dickerson


South Africa

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Brendhan Dickerson's Biography

Born in Johannesburg, Dickerson studied at UCT's Michaelis School of Fine Art, completing a Masters Degree in 1996.

Dickerson's work often articulates wry social commentary or political satire. He draws material from the media and other popular culture, combining or distorting images in unexpected, startling ways. He takes delight in kinetic and interactive sculpture; making works which invite some kind of physical interaction from the viewer.

He is also interested in the notion of sculpture as spectacle, and is engaged in an on-going exploration of kinetic fire-sculpture as a form of performance art. These events involve a variety of articulated fire-sculptures, which are sequentially ignited. When set in motion and playing their roles, their brief flaring results in an unfolding drama or implied narrative.

Dickerson is a passionate arts educator,  and has lectured in art practice and sculpture since 1995. He was product developer and project co-ordinator at Montebello Designs Centre's Working from Waste skills development program. In 2003 he ran a ceramic program fostering creativity and self expression at a centre for mentally handicapped adults.