Infecting the City 2012

Africa Centre / Infecting The City

Curator: Brett Bailey

Festival Manager: Fran Cox

Technical Manager: Iain North

Festival Assistant: Pamella Dlungwana

Festival Administrator: Felicia Pattison-Bacon

Marketing Manager: Isla Haddow-Flood

Financial Manager: Jason Brown

Talking Heads Curator: Robin Jutzen

Music Gems Curator: Iain Harris

Arts Aweh! Co-Ordinators: Malika Ndlovu and Rudayba Petersen

Technical Support: Paula Kingwill

Office Manager: Ethel Ntlahla

Fundraising: Ivana Abreu, Fran Cox

Stage Crew: Roxanna Calatabiano, Thando Doni, Sarah Hill

Board Of Directors: Derek Carelse, Adrian Enthoven, Dominique Enthoven, Ralph Freese,

Tanner Methvin (Executive Director)

Key Support Team

Marketing and Publicity: Mango-OMC

Graphic Design: Kara Wertschnig

Website Design: Zero Zero One

Festival Hub: Cape Town Station Forecourt (sponsored by PRASA)

Festival Watering Hole: Boo Radley’s (sponsored by Spier and Jack Black)